• Relevance to Distributor

  • Relevance to Customer

  • Inclusion In Distributor Presentations

  • Financial risk in manpower cost and overhead

  • Liability Risk


  • Reduced Overhead/Reduced Risk

  • Retainer & Variable Pay

  • Payroll Taxes

  • Unemployment Insurance, Workers Comp

  • Social Security/ Medicare/ Health Insurance/401k Contributions

  • Travel and Entertainment Budget

  • Other Operating expenses


  • We offer our suppliers someone who will work with distributors and hold them accountable for making goals without the cost of a full-time employee. Insurance, travel expense, car, 401k, salary.

  • We take alcohol and beverage brands to the next level with a sales and marketing team combining decades of industry experience.

  • We call on both retail and on-premise accounts to help achieve market penetration.

  • Our fees are based on the size of the supplier. We charge a monthly fee plus a commission based on sales.

  • Increased Sales Volumes: Proper goal planning and execution.

Galaxy’s primary job is to act as a liaison between wineries and importers with the distributor. We will work with our suppliers to build the supplier's brand for long term.
Building new distribution partnerships is a comprehensive process and success is based on a mutual understanding of both of your long-term goals. In order to be successful, you need to think and act like a distributor - think of yourself as in the distribution business.

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