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We understand the inner workings of our distributors which will give Galaxy the best chance at successfully pitching your product to them. Know when they source new products and when they are way too busy to even consider adding a new SKU. Figure out their logistics system and calculate typical turn-around times. Find out what type of products they prefer and why. Offer them ample programming, margin and incentive packages for your new brands.


Creating Galaxy Marketing Associates is a significant investment on the part of our company. It represents our continuing drive to become the innovative sales and marketing leader among Importers and Brokers. We have a deeply rooted commitment to not only focus and build on our portfolio of brands, but also to assemble the best leadership and sales team in the business to further grow our company and solidify our position for years to come. Our ownership and management has a personal passion and financial commitment to the wine, spirits and beverage business that is unmatched. Our commitment to service is second to none. Let Galaxy help you get the sales volume you deserve.

Galaxy’s primary job is to act as a liaison between wineries and importers with the distributor. We will work with our suppliers to build the supplier's brand for long term.
Building new distribution partnerships is a comprehensive process and success is based on a mutual understanding of both of your long-term goals. In order to be successful, you need to think and act like a distributor - think of yourself as in the distribution business.

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